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Vocals: Mark Young
Guitar: Mark Foster
Bass: Chris Clifton
Drums: Disco Stu

Fighting Fifth Husky were formed in 2014 from the remnants of the band Donkey Punch. Donkey Punch originally started off as a three piece grunge/punk band with Mark F on bass/vocals and ended up as a six piece cover band with Mark F on guitar and Mark Y on vocals. When Stu and Chris joined the band, the boys decided on a new start with a new sound and a new name.


The new songs came surprisingly easily; generally the boys would start jamming, Mark Y would delve into his file of lyrics to find ones that fitted and after a bit of tweaking, a new song was formed. This resulted in the band straddling many genres depending on what sort of mood they were in on a particular night. Probably their heaviest song, Go with the flow, was actually written at the same time as the ballad, Clown. One at the beginning of the night, before the boys had warmed up, and one at the end, when the adrenaline was flowing.


The band name didn't come so easy to the boys until a drunken text from Stu's girlfriend, which mainly contained gibberish but predictive text had picked out the words fighting, fifth and husky.

The Band

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